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Woking LTCC proudly has the largest number of junior teams of any Club in Surrey and has kept this tradition going for many years. "A", "B" and sometimes even "C" teams compete in 8U, 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 14U, 16U & 18U age groups in the "Team Tennis" Regional Premier Leagues, Surrey Summer leagues, as well as the Winter Surrey "Junior Team Trophy" and knockout competitions. Any member can compete for a team and must follow the LTA "Fair Play Principles" at all times:

- Good sportsmanship, honesty and respect whether you win or lose
- Learning to challenge yourself and improve social skills
- Taking responsibility for your actions, calling scores and lines clearly and fairly even if it costs you the point
- Learning and following the rules and being a role model to younger people
- Enjoyment of the sport

Please contact Jonny Thomson (8U-10U Teams), Matt Swanston (11U-18U) or Mark Wisdom (Academy Team) if you have any questions. 

Team Tennis National League



Every year, 8U up to 18U Boys and Girls teams are entered into this Team Tennis Competition. Most teams play in the "Surrey" divisions, with a few teams each year being accepted into the "Regional" divisions. Teams are made up of 5-7 players, with 4 players selected for Singles and Doubles matches in each fixture against the other Clubs. Coaches are nominated as captains and organise the teams with parents assistance on match day each year.



Surrey Team Trophy



Over the winter season 11U, 13U, 15U & 17U Boys and Girls Teams also compete in this Surrey local league. A team of 2 players represent the Club in each match in Singles and Doubles matches.


Roll of Honour (League Winners)


2021 Summer

9U Mixed A - Div 1 
10U Mixed B - Div 2
12U Boys - Div 1
12U Girls B - Div 2


2019/20 Winter, Summer 2020, Winter 2020-21

County Finalists (DNF - Lockdown)


9U Mixed A - Div 1
14U Girls C - Div 3



10U "A" Mixed Div 1B
14U Girls "B" Div 2A

14U Boys Regional Tier 2 South East (West)


2017/18 Winter (12 Teams)

11U Boys Winners

13U Girls Runners-Up


2017 (18 Teams)

9U "A" Mixed Surrey Division 1B

9U "B" Mixed Surrey Division 2F

9U "C" Mixed Surrey Division 2K

10U "A" Mixed Surrey Division 1A
12U Boys Regional Tier 2 South East


2016 (18 Teams)

9U "A" Mixed Surrey Division 2

12U Girls "A" South East Division 2

16U Boys "A" Surrey Division 1

16U Girls "A" Surrey Division 1

18U Boys "A" South East Division 2

Open Ladies "A" Surrey Division 4 (inc. 4 juniors)


2015/16 Winter

18U Boys Knockout Winners


2015 (15 Teams)

9U "A" Mixed Surrey Division 1

10U "A" Mixed Surrey Division 1

12U Boys "A" Surrey Division 1

16U Girls Surrey Division 1


2014 (17 Teams)

8U Mixed Surrey Division 2

14U Boys "C" Surrey Division 1D 

14U Girls "B" Surrey Division 1B


2013 (11 Teams)

12U Boys Surrey Division 2


2012 (8 Teams)

14U Girls Surrey Division 1B


2011 (9 Teams)

10U Mixed Surrey Division 3

14U Boys Surrey Division 1C


2010 (8 Teams)

12U Boys "A" Surrey Division 1

12U Boys "B" Surrey Division 2

14U Boys "A" Surrey Division 1