Junior Performance Academy

Woking LTCC prides itself in having one of the top Junior Performance Academies in the region and has a long standing reputation for nurturing and developing outstanding tennis players over many years. In 2018 the programme was one of only 2 Clubs in Surrey and 11 in the South-East region to be awarded 5yr LTA Local Player Development Centre Status (2018-2023). This provides additional support and funding opportunities to juniors aged 7-10yrs who are developing a love for tennis, and aspiring to compete at county and regional level.

Many juniors have been coached from an early age all the way through to playing County, Regional, National Professional Tour, getting University Tennis Scholarships in America and the UK, as well as many taking up full time careers in Tennis.

Players who have a passion for the game and strive to reach their highest possible level are guided through all the essential components of a training programme to best suit their needs, while always making sure players enjoy the game by training suitable peers and competing at the right level.



The Tennis Journey

The common saying is that it takes 10,000 hours of dedicated practise to become an expert in anything and tennis is no exception. Quality and content of this time is essential, but varies for every player, so we try and personalise programmes to suit everyone's needs (inc. education, social and economic factors).

Players can start from 3yrs at the Club, then be invited to Performance Academy sessions any time from the age of 8-16yrs and are always welcome to be assessed for potential enrolment. 

We aim to offer a full range of services to cover all of the 4 main performance factors in tennis; tactical, technical, physical and mental, as well as providing a great sociable and enjoyable environment from the very beginning.

Achieving goals in Tennis through hard work and dedication is immensely satisfying while growing up and provides a great platform wherever the journey takes them.

Essential Components

Expert Individual Coaching - A dedicated coach for all players to guide them through the Tennis journey.
Performance Squads - Planned blocks of training in small groups each term with of similar level/age players

Weekly Routine - Schedules are planned before the beginning of each term so everyone can stay organised.
Holiday training camps and tournament trips - Training arranged around tournaments, with coaches accompanying players to competitions.

TEAM Tennis Environment - Players practising and competing together for the benefit of everyone.
Regular Goal Setting and Meetings - Work towards goals and achieve targets in a realistic.

Digital Analysis - A range of video analysis tools are used to help develop technique and enhance performance.



Regular meeting with LTA Performance Coordinators to set common goals and work with regional/national players. 

Sponsorship packages available for top players.

Links with the charity to help young players fund professional careers.


University Scholarship Links

Annual talks are held by various providers on how to gain scholarships. 

Junior Roll of Honour

(LTA Singles Tournament Winners)



Sam Cawood - 12U G3, 14U G3, G4, 16U G4, G5

Annabel Fletcher - 8U G3, G4, 9U G4, G5

Josh Pye - 14U G4, 18U G5

James Caulton - 16U G4, G5

Aidan Fletcher - 12U G4, 14U G4, G5, 16U G5

Dennis Dimov - 12U G3, 14U G4, 16U G4, G5

Lottie Forsyth - 16U G3, Open Ladies G4, 

Genna Vine - 16U G4

Jamie Forrest - 18U G3, Men's G3

Konstantin Vujnovic - 12U G4

Buster Meurisse - 10U G4, G5

Finley Bennett - 9U G5

Zac Harris - 9U G5

Eddie Wong - 9U G5

Sammy Mhizha - 10U G5


Sam Cawood - 12U G3, G4, G5

Josh Pye - 14U G4

Dennis Dimov - 10U G3, G4

Aidan Fletcher - 12U G4, G5

Hannah Pye - 9U G5

Freddie Plummer - 14U G4

Jamie Forrest - 16U G3

Grace Edwards - Ladies G4

Lottie Forsyth - 14U G4, 18U G4

Angelo Aparte - 16U G5, 18U G5

Finlay Bigwood - 16U G4

Samy Khediri - 12U G3, 14U G4, 16U G4

Nora Khediri - 14U G3, 16U G3

Annabel Fletcher - 8U G4



Harry Caulton - 10U G5

Jamie Forrest - 14U G3, 16U G3, 18U G4

Konstantin Vujnovic - 10U G4

Dennis Dimov - 10U G3, G4
Samy Khediri - 10U G3, 12U G4, 14U G5

Nora Khediri - 12U G3, 14U G3, 16U G4

Samy Mhizha - 8U G3
Josh Pye - 12U G4
Katie Pye - 10U G4
Ronan Bigwood - 16U G4
Freddie Plummer - 14U G4
Lottie Forsyth - 16U G5, 18U G5
Grace Edwards - 18U G4
Aidan Fletcher - 10U G4
Mo Mahani - 14U G4
Finlay Bigwood - 14U G4
Georgiana Parr - 14U G4, 16U G5
Isabella Ganter - 12U G4
Max Carrier - 10U G3
Valentina Carrier - 12U G3


Ronan Bigwood - 16U G5

Konstantin Vuknovic - 9U G5

Dennis Dimov - 9U G5

Lottie Forsyth - 12U G4

Manu Prasad - 14U G5

Freddie Plummer - 12U G4

Seb Holden - 14U G4, 16U G4

Grace Edwards - 16U G4

Barney Bowen - 10U G5

Aiden Fletcher - 9U G4, 10U G4

Mo Mahani - 14U G4

Katie Pye - 9U G4, G5

Josh Pye - 10U G4

Nora Khediri - 10U G3, 12U G4

Samy Khediri - 9U G3, G4, 10U G3, G4

Academy Philosophy

At WLTCC we try to maximise the time each players spends on court though providing quality structured sessions. We create an atmosphere of learning, disciplined practice and treat all our performance players with the same levels of attention.

We care about our players development and try to help the players in all aspects of their tennis careers. We have the ability to be a main training venue or to be an access centre where the player can top up their tennis programme hours using WLTCC squad sessions or individual coaches.

At WLTCC we pride ourselves on being able to offer all our performance players the same values and ideology whilst at the same time knowing what our players need to improve their tennis.


What makes the Programme UNIQUE?

Essentially we are a Members "Tennis Club" with it's own Junior Performance Programme which allows the players to not just develop their tennis skills but also be developed as people obtaining important life skills within a friendly Club atmosphere.

As our players get older they often become part of other sections of the programme through becoming Tennis Leaders, Assistant Coaches and often fully qualified Coaches, which allows a greater understanding of how learning works and often helps them in their own game! Players also get integrated into senior tennis with the Men's and Ladies teams and their strength is show with nearly all of our Men's 1st team being juniors or previous juniors at WLTCC.

The Coaching Team

Head of Performance - Mark Wisdom

Mark started his coaching career in 1995 at the Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club's tennis academy. This started his passion for coaching performance tennis and he was able to assist in the development of some of the regions best tennis players. In June 2001 he joined the WLTCC coaching team and from there in 2005 became the Head of Performance after completing his LTA Performance Level 4 Coaches Award, as well as nurturing many high level juniors at the Club. In 2014 Mark took the opportunity to work for the LTA as "Regional Performance Coordinator" for the East of England for one year, before returning to his role as Head of Performance at Woking. From 2018-19 he studied for his LTA Level 5 Master Performance Coach qualification (the highest level), tutored by Louis Cayer, one of the most highly renowned coaches in the Tennis world. Passing in February 2019 he said; "The course proved to be one of the the most challenging experiences of my life. It pushed me a long way out of my comfort zone but the course I believe is one of the best in the world with world class tutors delivering, world class knowledge."


Mark has an outstanding reputation for Performance Coaching, starting out as Surrey 12U County team coach in 2004, 2005 and from 2018 onwards. He has coached numerous players selected for County, Regional and National squads, with players going onto gain; ITF Junior World Rankings, American College / UK University Scholarships, Full time tennis academy participation abroad and Professional Tour participation.

Performance Coaching Team

In addition to Matt Trevail (Director of Tennis) and Jonny Thomson (Tennis Programme Manager), the Club also has a number of other "Performance" qualified coaches;
Jamie Donaghy - a former world ranked junior and no. 1 in the Club (coached by Mark).
Matt Swanston - Former WLTCC Junior and Men's Champion, as well as Men's 1st Team Captain.

Coaching Team

WLTCC Player Alumni

Emily Appleton - was a Member of WLTCC for several years as a junior, was 12U Club champion and coached by Jamie Donaghy. She played junior US Open, Australian Open, Roland Garros and Wimbledon 2014-17 and in the top 10 itf juniors. 

Henk Nijeboer - Henk has been a national veterans champion at various age groups and has also represented Great Britain at the world championships and is currently captain for the GB 70+ team. He has been a Member of WLTCC for many years and is part the organising committee for the ITF Seniors tournament held every September.

Kelly Burge - Kelly was a junior Member of WLTCC from the age of 12. She was a national player and won events at all levels going on to represent Surrey many times in various different competitions. She went on to a scholarship at Flagler university in Florida.

Samy Khediri - Samy joined the programme in 2014 and worked his way up to being one of the top junior talents in the country under Mark Wisdom. He was awarded a full-time scholarship at Reeds Tennis school in 2018 and followed up his potential by winning the 12U National title in 2019 and being selected for the GB team. Reaching the later rounds of many of the top international junior events, he's certainly one to look out for.

Matt Leahy - used WLTCC as his home Club and was part of the programme from the ages of 9 upwards. He was a national standard junior and went on to compete at ATP futures level achieving a high world ranking of 1623.

Adam Thornton-Brown - Joined WLTCC as a 12 year old and was part of the performance programme till he turned 16. He has gone on to play full time tennis and is currently world ranked 1486.

Adam Hunt - has been a Member of WLTCC since he was 10. He achieved a junior ITF world ranking of 1588 whilst in the WLTCC performance programme. He then used this to gain a full scholarship to Flagler university in Florida and is now a Sky Sports News Presenter.

Giles Rozier-Pamplin - was one of the first WLTCC Players to be funded and recognised on the LTA Talent ID scheme in 2004. He went on to be one of the best U12's in Great Britain.


Maddie Mortimore - Achieved a national ranking at 12U before moving to ISP tennis academy in France. She gained a number of good results at ITF Juniors, then went on to a tennis scholarship at Sam Houston State University.