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Junior Awards 2021 - Nominees & Winners Announced

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Congratulations to all the Junior Award Nominees and Winners for 2021. Unfortunately Covid curtailed the usual Junior Party and Awards Night... but awards were given out at Coaching sessions. Please checkout the all the presentations on our INSTAGRAM highlights post and take a look at full details and previous winners HERE.


Bates Trophy - Rory Barr

Tournament Player of The Year - Yasmin Griffin
Other Nominees - Hayden, Annabel, Sammy

Mini Tournament Player of The Year - Toto
Other Nominees - Emily, Edward, Gregory, Lara

Team of the Year - 9U "A" Mixed Team - Gregory, Lexi, Emily, Lara

Endeavor Award -  Jess McShea
Other Nominees - Theo, Matei, Toby

Mini Endeavor Award - James Horner
Other Nominees - Emily, Lexi, Jonah

Most Improved Boy - Cameron Lee, 
Other Nominees - Charlie, Michael, Charlie

Most Improved Girl - Claudia Sohl
Lara, Jenina, Grace

Mini Boy -  Edward Barker
Other Nominees - Troy, Toto, Monty

Mini Girl - Emily Merdzan
Other Nominees - Lexi, Maya

Leader of the Year - Lottie Crone

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