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Davis Cup - Team Spartan Take the 2021 Crown!

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The annual Davis cup was played on Saturday the 30th of October between Marcus Lindstrup's Team Powerhouse and our very own coach Jamie‘s Team Spartans. After some late withdrawals, Team Spartan (having won last years Davis cup) were going into this years event as underdogs, with Team Powerhouse fielding a very strong team. As we all know the underdog can always produce a surprise and that’s what exactly happened! Coach Jamie’s team fought hard and produced some stunning tennis throughout the day.

After the first round of singles (worth 1 point each), team Spartan were leading 4 -2 with some incredible 3 set matches having been played. Team Powerhouse where not going to lay down dead though, going into the doubles stage of the day worth 2 points, Team Powerhouse needed 3 wins out of a possible 4 to get the final win.... it looked at one point as if this was going to happen with Team Powerhouse leading in 3 out of 4 matches but it true Spartan fashion coach Jamie’s team fought back and won 3 out of the 4 matches leaving team Spartan's thrilled with the result.

Marcus, captain of team powerhouse was gracious in defeat and promised to get revenge next year. It was a great day and a day that was enjoyed by all. Bring on 2022!


Full results (Team Spartan vs Team Powerhouse);

Jamie vs Travers 4-6 6-3 10-4
Lewis vs Wizzy 4-3 4-1
Ash vs Ed 6-2 3-6 14-12
Charlie vs Ollie E 4-1 1-4 10-7
Paul vs Thierry 2-6 0-6
Brent vs Silvan 1-4 4-2 4-10
Jamie & Paul vs Adam & Marcus 6-1 7-5
Lewis & Ash vs Travers & Ed 6-0 6-4
Mike P & Charlie vs Wizzy & Thierry 6-7 6-1 10-5
Dave W & Rohde vs Ollie E & Mike C 4-6 6-2 5-10


Final Result: Team Spartan 10 vs 4 Team Powerhouse


Checkout the days pics on facebook or Instagram!

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