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SECF A League Woking beat Sussex County 4-3 on Sat 5th June

SECF A League Woking v Sussex County
Sat 5 June 2021

Woking beat Sussex County 4-3

Although Woking were behind in all the morning matches after the first hour of play, there was a comeback in each of them and by lunchtime the score was 3-0 to Woking. In the afternoon games, Chris Coull of Sussex County completed three peels of a triple against Jeff Dawson but was unable to peg out his partner, despite an attempt at promoting it onto the peg with an opponent ball. Then followed a few misses by both players until Chris finally finished the game. Mike Town was more fortunate with his game to seal the match victory, but there was a scare at the end when he cut-rushed partner onto the peg and gave Mark Fawcett one more shot than he should have had. The players from lawn 2 moved out of the glare of the sun to the shade by lawn 1 to watch the end of the other two games. These both had close finishes - Ian Anderson's also involving an accidental peg-out - and Sussex were victorious in both.

Full results :

Jeff Dawson & Mike Town beat Chris Coull & Mark Fawcett +4
Malcolm Bigg beat Liz Farrow +7
Ian Anderson beat Paul Castell +9
Jeff Dawson lost to Chris Coull -26
Mike Town beat Mark Fawcett +19
Malcolm Bigg lost to Paul Castell -2
Ian Anderson lost to Liz Farrow -5

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