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Club Open - Coronavirus restrictions in place (28.09.20 update)

We’re very pleased to announce that in line with the latest government guidelines the Clubhouse, bar and toilets are now open. Whilst it’s great to be able to use these facilities again, please understand that things will look and operate a bit differently. Members need to work together with Club personnel, respecting the new rules at all times, to ensure we retain a clean and safe environment for everyone.

Having made a range of adjustments at the Club to ensure these guidelines are followed, we wanted to make Members particularly aware of the following;


Access to the Club and One-Way Systems
All Members will need to scan their Membership cards at the front door when entering the Club. Guests must sign in using guest book in the foyer (and Members if forgotten card). All visitors must wear a mask at all time in the Clubhouse (unless exempt, or seated to eat/drink). Please read the signage around the Club and be sure to follow the one-way system as set out in the diagram below. If you are the last Members to leave the Club please ensure the gate is firmly closed behind you.

Bar and Ordering

The Bar will be open for takeaway food and drinks orders from 10am weekdays and 9:30am weekends. Access to the ordering area will only be through the Croquet double doors, then Members will be asked to move to the collection area. Due to social distancing we will only have limited numbers of staff behind the bar (who need to safe distance themselves) so please be patient! If you are sitting in the Clubhouse please take note of your table number to give to the Bar staff on ordering. The bar staff will then place your order on a tray for collection from the Bar "hatch" and call the table number when ready.

Seating Areas

Outdoor seating and tables will be available on the patio and the grass area adjacent to Lawn Tennis Court 1. A limited number of indoor tables and chairs are also available. These should only be used for consumption of food/drink purchased at the Bar (no "waiting for kids" in these areas please) and are limited to a maximum of 6 at each table. Please also refrain from standing by courts to watch matches or parents watching coaching to prevent 'clogging up' the pathways and making social distancing difficult for others passing by.

Toilets and Changing Rooms

Following full refurbishment, toilet and bathroom facilities are available for use. Please note that a maximum of 2 people are permitted to be in each of the main Ladies and Gents toilets at any one time, the disabled toilet will also be available for use. However, all the changing areas and showers must remain unused until further notice.

Indoor Sports
Table Tennis and Pilates are permitted at the allocated times each week. Social distancing and the 6 person max rules must be followed at all times when taking part. 


In advance of play;

  • Singles or Doubles play is permitted, however during peak times (after 5pm weekdays and weekends) courts must be booked online. Mon-Fri before 5pm, courts are still first come first served (this may change if courts get busier).
  • Please wash hands and clean equipment before and after play (+ fill your water bottle at home and ensure you bring hand sanitiser with you to use before/after touching any surfaces at the Club)
  • Please wait for players to vacate the courts, giving plenty of space around gates

On Court;

  • Nets have all been adjusted to the correct height, so please avoid touching net straps or handles if possible.
  • Clay courts will be swept / Hard courts brushed by the groundsman each morning, however we encourage Clay courts can to be dragged following play (ensure hands are sanitized before/after if you do)
  • Try to avoid touching gates, fences, benches where possible
  • Try to only handle your own equipment and balls (try to use your racquet / foot to knock back any balls that go astray from other courts).
  • Change ends at opposite side of the net and avoid any physical contact with other players (handshakes etc)
  • Players can SHARE TENNIS BALLS with others, however this still needs to be carefully managed and players should in particular take extra care not to touch their face during play.
  • When playing doubles, consider agreeing in advance who should take a shot for balls down the middle
  • If first aid is required you will find a box next to the back door of the Clubhouse or in the Junior pavilion next to court 15


  • Group and private coaching are permitted under LTA guidelines
  • Coaching is permitted on courts 6,7,8,9,14,15 and mini courts (+ Clay courts at quieter times)
  • All lessons are must finish 5 minutes before the following session to ensure social distancing can be maintained
  • Only one parent/guardian is permitted to watch/wait outside courts for individual lessons (although we encourage parents to simply drop-off / collect child from the allocated court)
  • Parents are not permitted to watch group lessons to avoid congregation on the pathways
  • Please avoid Cash payments for anything at the Club



We very much hope you understand that all the measures that have had to be put into place are for everyone's safety and wellbeing and look forward to seeing you enjoy playing at the Club again soon.

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