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VE Day 75th Anniversary greeting

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Good Morning everybody!

Today is the 75th Anniversary of VE day and with the lawns nicely cut and Union Jack hoisted, herewith a nice photo or two of familiar scenes for your enjoyment and to honour the anniversary celebrations. 


The views members enjoy haven't changed that much in the past 75 years (see above 1946 / 2020) and I’m sure you all can’t wait to once again soak up the picturesque scenes and fun sporting experiences that our Club continues to indulge us in. 



Whilst we’ve all been away our grounds team have remained hard at work keeping everything in the best shape possible, whilst also giving specific areas across the Club some extra attention, there's never a shortage of tasks! 


Our thanks to Richard and also to Julia & Bronwyn who, whilst respecting all necessary distancing constraints, have benefitted from Jonny’s lifting abilities to bring down all the old boxes and items from the Club’s attic and out of the Bar store into the Newman Room, to enable some serious and long overdue sorting out to be completed. 

Here’s just a few highlights, maintenance wise, of what we’ve been up to:


  • Party walls between the courts have been deep cleaned, re-furbished and painted green.
  • Patios all around the clubhouse have been deep cleaned and made good, with foot brushes renewed.
  • We’ve serviced the night storage heaters and re-instated the hot water system for all showers and kitchen.
  • The Club's attic and bar store have been emptied of old records and obsolete items to enable re-sorting & archiving, creating a much more efficient filing and capacious storage system.
  • The wooden retainers around all of the club frontage borders have been re-stained. 
  • Numerous chainlink fencing repairs on courts 6/7, 8/9 and 16/17, with a new access point created between 16 & 17 to facilitate group coaching.
  • Cemented entrance area and repainted green the metal railing at entrance to court 12.
  • Groundsman’s garage wooden gables re-stained and metal doors re-painted, much improving their appearance.
  • The hitting wall re-painted on the mini reds courts and the mini reds nets deep cleaned.

And as we start to archive, here’s a taster for those of you who find old records interesting; this is an extract from the AGM and the report President Sir Norman Raeburn delivered to members on Sat 24th March 1945, on the eve of the end of the Second World War, unsurprisingly it makes for pretty dramatic reading;


Thankfully we’re not facing such stark choices and all we have to do is keep well and be patient for a relaxation of the restrictions in the coming days/ weeks(?), so we can look forward to and enjoy a resumption of some mid-summer sport. 


We’re continuing with uploads and fun activities using social media, with numerous groups also helping each other out and just keeping in touch.


Best wishes to all and hope you're staying well.


Andrew Kirby
WLTCC Club President

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