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Quorn Family Cup Winners Day Out

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Follow their Family Cup Victory at Woking, Katie and Nick Pye report on their day out at the National Finals!


Katie and I went up to the Nottingham Open on Sunday to take part in the Quorn family tennis cup finals. We Won our box convincingly with 50 points, vs second place team with 36. We then made it through our quarter final, with Katie hitting 90% of the shots (thank goodness), and finished a creditable 4th out of 20 pairs! The top three were all teams with 10yr old boys hoarding the net....

Was a good fun event. They also arranged for a Q&A session with Jiri Vesely, who is one of only 3 people in the world to have beaten Novak Djokovic this year, which was a good experience for the kids.

We watched Kyle Edmund hitting up with James Ward from about 6 feet away (blimey!), and caught the second set of Broady vs Evans on Centre court.

A good day out!


Nick and Katie Pye

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