If this fascinating sport attracts you, Woking Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club has two of the best croquet lawns in the South of England.

Newcomers are welcome. No special equipment is necessary other than flat-soled shoes. Club mallets and coaching at all levels are available. Tournaments are held throughout the season and range from Club events to national fixtures.


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If you would like to know more about any aspects of croquet at the Club, please contact the Croquet Secretary, Sara Anderson.
Membership applications should be made using the Enquiry Form. Any questions about membership should be addressed to our Club Secretary.

About Us


The Club provides coaching at various levels and this is free to Members. Newcomers to the game will be offered coaching on an ad hoc basis, and if there is sufficient demand a formal course can be arranged. Courses on Golf and Association croquet are also offered to anyone by the Croquet Academy at Southwick, near Brighton; at Budleigh Salterton Croquet Club; and at Hamptworth Golf & Country Club, near Salisbury.


In addition to our international standard croquet lawns (the Club hosted the World Association Croquet Championships in 2013) and the provision of all necessary equipment, our recently refurbished clubhouse is fully equipped with changing rooms and showers. For refreshments, we have a well stocked licensed bar and catering facilities serving hot and cold food either in the lounge bar or on the terrace.

Club sessions

Club sessions are open sessions where the Club lawns are reserved and games arranged amongst those who turn up at the start of the session. They combine elements of competitive play with a friendly, social environment and are the best way to get to know other club members. See below for more details.


Mallets and balls are provided by the Club. During the playing season the lawns are permanently set out with hoops and pegs. Flat soled shoes MUST be worn on the lawns at all times. Trainers and sandals with flat soles are acceptable. Walking sticks or other supports may NOT be used on the lawns unless the end(s) in contact with the lawn are a minimum 3" in diameter. After you have been playing for a while, you will probably want to buy your own mallet, one that suits you and your playing style. Mallets will typically cost from around £120. We recommend you contact the Croquet Association shop at www.croquet.org.uk

The croquet section plays two forms of croquet:

Golf croquet is the simpler game, and many will pick up the basics in one session (although you may still be learning the niceties years later!). The main golf croquet club sessions are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.

Association croquet takes longer to master, and if you are a complete beginner the club sessions will not be for you until you have completed a coaching course. Association croquet club sessions are held on Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday afternoons. At other times, the lawns may be booked for croquet matches (social or competition) as needed.

One of the attractions of both forms of croquet is that different levels of competence are allowed for by means of handicaps, so that even a relative beginner has an equal chance of success against a seasoned campaigner. After an appropriate amount of coaching a beginner is offered a handicap test, success in which will enable participation in club sessions.

Membership fees

If you are a member of the tennis section there is no additional fee to play croquet. However, a request to the section membership secretary or chairman does need to be made to join the Croquet Section.
Membership (Full, Country, Temporary, Junior), Joining and Guest Fees are all detailed on the full Club subscription rate card.
A temporary 6 week membership is available to allow you to try out the sport and participate in some coaching sessions. Also, as a guest of an existing member, you can visit the Club up to six times a year by paying the Club's current Guest Fee, on each visit.