Coaching at Woking

The Croquet Section’s coaches offer free support to newcomers and players of all playing abilities ranging from the beginner to top ranking players.


Courses spread over the first two months of the season for AC High Handicappers (18 to 24), AC Mid Handicappers (8 to 18), GC Tactics (12 and below) and a Briefing on the new GC Rules are planned.  Coaching for Advanced AC players will also be arranged.


This season parents will be invited to special fun sessions for them and their children to try out playing croquet as a family.


Individual coaching will be available on request, usually taking place over lunch times when the courts are free.


Please also be aware that the Croquet Academy will be running coaching courses at Southwick in both association and golf croquet during the season. Details of these will be posted on our notice board in the clubhouse as soon as they are available, or may be found at

Lead Coaches :

AC Laws

  • Jeff Dawson

AC High Handicap (18-24)

  • Elizabeth McKenzie-Gray

AC Mid Handicap (8-18)

  • Michael Hague

Coaching for families

  • Sara Anderson

AC Advanced

  • Annabel McDiarmid

GC Tactics

  • Michael Hague

GC Rules

  • Michael Hague